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Welcome to Three-for-the-Dough,

Complete three activities in a row on the game board to automatically win a $10 Amazon eGift Card.*

Bonus! Earn virtual tickets for every additional three-in-a-row you complete to increase your chances to score one of many $25 Starbucks eGift Cards.

Few things to know:

  • Once you complete a task it will stay in the “unverified” state until we verify it
  • Use your “Refresh” button to see when your completed activities have been verified
  • Click on “Status” to see your score

Follow the prompts in the boxes to start playing. Have fun!

*First 40 players to get three-in-a-row will automatically win a $10 eGift Card. If you miss your chance at being among the first 40, don’t sweat it, you can still earn tickets for every three-in-a-row you complete to increase your chances of winning a $25 eGift Card. Winners will be notified by email on {{:eNotificationDate}}.

See official rules here.

Rank # Score:

Winner notifications will be sent by email to winners on {{:eNotificationDate}}.
40 will win $10 Amazon eGift Cards. 20 will win $25 Starbucks eGift Cards.

Keep Playing

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Keep Playing

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