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The first step to using your AARP Vision Plan from VSP® is to understand what it means to see a VSP network doctor.

Go in-network!

You can use your in-network benefits with a private-practice doctor, at more than 700 Visionworks locations, or online at Eyeconic. VSP network eye doctors offer a suite of comprehensive services. Going out-of-network means you’ll likely pay higher out-of-pocket costs and you’ll need to submit a claim.


Don’t know if your
doctor is in-network?

Use the Find an Eye Doctor locator on to find a VSP network doctor or to check if your doctor is in-network.

In-Network vs.

An in-network provider is an eye care doctor that has met VSP's requirements for quality of service  and accepted specific rates negotiated by VSP to save you money on your services. An out-of-network provider does not have the same discounted rates for their services.

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*Available only to VSP members with applicable plan benefits. Offers are only available through VSP Network Doctors and In-Network locations.  ** Savings are based on network doctor's retail price and may vary by VSP plan and purchase selection; average savings determined after benefits are applied. Available only through VSP network doctors to VSP members with applicable plan benefits. 


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